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Panamalar.com invites you. It's a known fact that dealing in stock market without proper knowledge will lead to severe losses to the investors. After decades of research we have analyzed that, the retail investors are losing in this highly unpredictable market due to insufficient information & training about share market. Winning in the share market as a part/full time intraday trader is being very difficult due to high fluctuations the market is facing nowadays. As well waiting for long time as a long-term investor is also being quite slow and less profitable. So, after years of keen analysis we have introduced new strategy in stock market called 'Intraweek' trading, which is very safe and profit making with less risk and involvement. We in panamalar.com will give you share market tips and share market recommendations at a cheap cost from which every investor can trade peacefully and make solid profits. With the analysis edition we provide every week with stock, news and levels of major companies will alert and educate the investor on every aspect in trading which will help for profitable investments and Trading.

Our mission is to take stock market and its opportunities in Tamil to everyone all over the world. We strongly believe that there are huge number of people from southern India are very much interested in participating in Indian stock market. Even with strong financial background they are unable to participate. This is due to lack of proper guidance and language comfort ability. Hence, we are providing proper step by step assistance in Tamil on trading in stock market, to become a successful trader.


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